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This is the BESTEST photo for 2010! Wow Shuma is changing careers already? Maybe elf's pay is in Euros and Yen is a much better currency for 2011 :) Happy New Year to your family. I am looking forward to reading your post on the New Year dishes this year.


Okay, as soon as I saw the first pic, I squealed, "It's mochitsuki!!!!!"

Nothing should ever be this cute.


This defies the bounds of reason with its adorable cuteness. :D

I'm actually jealous of you for having a newborn that you can do this to. I want one, I say!
I do hope you'll share your final choice.


Heehehe TOO CUTE!!


Too too too cute. What a fantastic idea.


These photos are absolutely precious! Your child is a real cutie.



just a long-time reader coming out to say hi and happy new year! I'm expecting my first child in July and can't wait to find all sorts of cute clothes to dress him/her up in! I was wondering, where did you get the bunny ear cap Shuma is wearing? I live in Singapore, and my sister will be going to Tokyo for a holiday soon. If the shop you got the bunny cap from is somewhere accessible I'm gonna get her to buy it for me! :)

Congratulations! I'm afraid you can't buy a cap like that anywhere, because it's just a modified pair of baby tights! I'm glad you like it though. Hope your sister has a great trip! -Amy


Haha, CUTE and great idea! Thanks so much for replying! :)


I happened onto your blog,and saw some similar interests of one of my friends, thought you might enjoy her blog as well. She is a few years ahead of you in raising her kids, but I really think you will like. Enjoy!


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